Aigerim & Mario's Engagement

Photo courtesy of the couple.

When Mario first approached me about making an engagement ring for Aigerim, I could tell that he put a lot of thought into what he wanted this ring to represent. He thoughtfully considered how he wanted to tell the story of their cultural backgrounds and how it could be symbolized in the ring in a stylized way.

We did some research on flag motifs and symbols. In the end, we focused on the centre detail in the Kazakhstan symbol of home with 3 bars spreading out from the centre. I stylized the motif into prongs with 3 ridges on them that spread out from the centre of the ring under the setting to wrap around and hold the moissanite stone in place. 

14K White Gold, Moissanite.

Kazakhstan symbol of home.

3D printed wax model of the ring ready to be cast in white gold.

Raw casting of the ring in white gold, next step is to sand and polish to a shine!

Mario picking up the ring!

Engagement photo courtesy of the couple!