4 Step process

1. Brainstorm

Let’s start with finding out what you like. Consultations can be in person (downtown Toronto), over the phone, or by email. Please consider your budget, the desired delivery date, and style preferences outlined in the ring anatomy below.

2. Design

I will provide a quote with 3 design sketches of the details we discussed upon a $150 design deposit. Then we will look at them and make revisions where necessary.

3. Make & Delivery

A 50% deposit is required upon approval of the design to start crafting the ring. The expected date of completion is 3-5 weeks. Rush orders are subject to an additional 10% rush fee.

4. Pick Up

Your ring is ready! I’ll contact you to arrange a pickup.

*If you are doing google searches of engagement rings, make sure to search incognito so that ads don't start popping up on your computer and spoil the surprise!

Quick Guide to Customize Ring Designs

Find out what parts of the ring you can customize with the quick guide below. Each of the 4 parts come together to say who you are and the story that ties everything together. For more details,



The gemstone is regarded as the defining piece of the ring that gives the jewellery it’s personality, story, and sparkle. You can choose your preference for shape, cut, and colour, or you can even provide a previously-owned stone to be redesigned.

Alice & Christian

Gemstones: Round Ruby, Round Amethysts, Round Diamonds

Angie & Caleb

Setting: 3 Prong


The style of a setting plays an important part in accentuating the beauty of a gemstone. Even as the metal hugs the stone in place, it can be considered a miniature sculpture, with every side and angle carefully designed. The setting helps define the look of your ring, whether it is classic and sleek, or a unique vintage style.

6 Prong


Different colours of gold are achieved through combining metal alloys – the higher the karat, the higher the gold content. Some other metals typically used in fine jewellery are platinum and palladium.

Yellow Gold
White Gold
Rose Gold
Erica & John

Metal: 14K Rose Gold

Rebecca & Joey

Engraving: On the inside of both wedding bands that piece together to read, "LOVE ALWAYS."

Personalize Your Ring

You can further tell your story through adding text, patterns, or shapes to your ring with an engraving. Engravings can be placed on the edge or inside of a ring. For example, Rebecca and Joey’s bands have a hidden encryption on the insides of their wedding bands, only legible when both their rings are pieced together reading, “LOVE ALWAYS.”

Etched Patterns