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Hello! I am a jewellery designer and goldsmith. I’m a secret bearer of all your surprise gifts. My fine jewellery adds timeless beauty to everyday events and I can work with you to create a custom engagement ring or wedding bands that tell your story.


Custom Engagement Rings
& Wedding Bands

Let's work together to design a one-of-a-kind ring that tells your story.

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Victoria & Stephen Chan

Ring shopping was initially a frightening and stressful event, but after meeting Theresa through a mutual friend, my doubts were lifted through the care and attention to detail that she put into crafting the perfect engagement and wedding rings for my now wife. Not only is she a down-to-earth individual [...]

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Erica & John

Theresa is a skilled artisan and insightful jewelry designer. We were fortunate to work with her on the design of our wedding bands. After the initial consultation, she presented each of us with several personalized designs. The design for Erica's wedding band includes a petal motif derived from her engagement ring [...]

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Leah & Klark

A big thank you to Theresa for the work she has done for us! Throughout the design process of our rings, she was in constant communication with us and ensured that all our requests were met. She helped guide us through points of indecisiveness with patience and expert knowledge of the process involved [...]

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Erin & Ian Bestvater-Norton

I asked Theresa to make an engagement ring for my now wife and it was a wonderful experience. She worked with me on everything from price to design, gem cut and colour. In the end I felt that I had a truly unique ring for my one-of-a-kind lady [...]

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Peggy Luk

It was such a joy and thrill to leave my diamonds in Theresa's talented hands to redesign my engagement ring.  She took something so personal and dear to me and redesigned a new ring that better matched my personality.

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Phoebe & Paul

Working with Theresa on our engagement ring + wedding bands was a dream!  She’s attentive and professional, but also brilliant and creative.  Dialoguing with her about ideas and concepts was so easy and comfortable, and there was no idea too “weird” or “unconventional” that she couldn’t find a way to incorporate [...]

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Cassidy & Denis

Working with Theresa to design the engagement ring and our wedding bands was a phenomenal experience! Cant say enough to express how grateful we were to have Theresa as the jeweller to cast a pair of one-of-a-kind rings to mark the beginning of a new chapter in our lives!

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Peggy & Andrew

Theresa was amazing at taking our visions of what we wanted for our engagement ring and again for our wedding bands and making them into reality. She perfectly captured the natural aesthetic we were looking for.

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Rebecca & Joey

Theresa transformed our initial raw concept into a beautiful polished product. We love our wedding bands!

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Engagement Ring

Sunny & David

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Phoebe & Quinn

Green Sapphire Solitaire Ring

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Annie & Andrey

Congratulations on your engagement!

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