Jewellery Care

Caring for your fine jewellery

For engagement rings and jewellery with gemstones:
To keep your engagement ring sparkling, clean your ring every few weeks. When your gemstone looks hazy or cloudy there’s likely dirt stuck underneath it. Clean by soaking the ring in warm water and a few drops of hand soap or mild dishwashing detergent. Let sit for 30min and then gently scrub around the setting with a soft bristle baby toothbrush making sure to scrub under and around the setting. Rinse and pat dry. Don’t forget to cover the drain when cleaning! 

When to take your rings off

Even though the ring is designed to last the test of time, a wrong bump can scratch or chip the stone and the prongs can bend to make the stone become loose in its setting. You want to avoid wearing it when doing rigorous activity and exposing it to chemicals like wearing it when swimming in a pool or beach, in the shower, or applying hand cream. Take off your ring by holding the band on either sides of the stones to avoid touching the setting. Avoid removing your ring in public (like bathrooms) because it can be left behind. Handwashing in general is safe for your ring. You can also leave your ring on when sleeping.

Start a habit of leaving a designated jewellery dish for your rings in your home so you know exactly where to look when you’ve taken it off. Some examples would be on your bedside table and in the bathroom for when you’re taking a shower.

Restore the shine in sterling silver jewellery

*Do not use this method with jewellery of unknown metals and gemstones. This method also removes all intended surface treatment to your jewellery. When in doubt contact us for clarification before proceeding.

The tried and true little science experiment you can try at home to remove any dirt and tarnish on your 925 sterling silver jewellery:
Use a small heat proof bowl or cup and line the inside with aluminum foil. Place your jewellery in the bowl with a tablespoon or two of baking soda making sure that the jewellery is touching the foil. Bring water to a rolling boil and immediately pour it into the bowl with your jewellery in it. Tada! Wait 15 minutes for it to cool, remove and rinse thoroughly. Pat dry and allow to air dry completely before putting it away. 

Storing your jewellery

Jewellery will tarnish when exposed to light and air. When you aren’t wearing your jewellery, store them in an airtight container or pouch out of exposure to light. Gold does not tarnish but we suggest you store jewellery that you aren’t wearing on a regular bases in a container or pouch to keep from gathering dust. Store each item separately to keep your pieces from rubbing and scratching each other.