Alice & Christian's Engagement

Photo courtesy of the couple.

A ruby and amethyst engagement ring in rose gold! Congratulations, A&C!

Alice & Christian are a unique couple that wanted their birthstones to be central to their ring – A July centre ruby surrounded by four February amethysts set into the prongs that holds the ruby in place. I loved hearing stories of how they first met and what makes Alice special in Christian's eyes. Alice is passionate about social justice and strives to influence change wherever she is placed. She is sentimental and loves thrift shopping and vintage finds. This intricate ring features Canadian conflict-free diamonds and integrates milgrain detail to emulate the feel of vintage rings. Christian chose to engrave, "Love Never Fails" in the ring - a scriptural reference that reflects the faith-based foundation of their relationship, and serves as a reminder of God's committed sacrificial love towards all people that is eternal and unchanging.

14K Rose Gold, Ruby, Amethysts, Diamonds.

Ring mounting is polished and ready for setting the gemstones!

Boxed and ready!

Christian picks up the ring!