Angel's Redesigned Ring

Angel reached out to me when she lost her wedding band. She turned this into an opportunity to redesign her engagement ring. We designed a duo-toned matching ring set reusing the diamonds that were taken out of the old ring.

14K White Gold, 14K Rose Gold, Diamonds.

This was what her engagement ring looked like before it was redesigned. We had the centre diamond re-cut into an asscher cut diamond.


We started with a bunch of sketches using a few key points that Angel mentioned she wanted to see, including thin bands and a unique / out of the box pairing. From here Angel picked her top choice and we start making the rings!

After we confirmed the look of the rings in 3D renderings, the rings were printed in this blue wax to be ready for casting in gold.

The rough and matte surface of the ring is called the casting skin. The next steps are to refine the surface of the ring to take off the rough texture and polish it shiny before the diamonds are secured in place.


All shined up and ready for the diamonds to go in secured by the little prongs that stick up off the surface of the ring.

There we have it! Boxed and ready for pickup!


Glad that Angel can wear her rings again with a new look!