Aya's Earrings

10K Rose Gold, Freshwater Pearls, Swarovski Crystals.


Aya and her parents live continents apart. For her birthday this year, her father wanted to gift her with custom-made earrings. She always loved wearing earrings, something she modelled after her mother. In fact, she stores all the earrings her mother passed down to her in rows of small organized containers like pill boxes!

Aya particularly liked rose gold and wanted the earrings to resemble leafy florals or a rose. After some discussion and drawings, we came up with a vine crest motif with a lustrous pearl in the centre, and the sparkle of crystals on the bottom. Happy Belated Birthday, Aya! I hope that every time you wear these earrings, you will be reminded of how much your father loves you no matter how far apart you are.