B. A. Song's Signet Ring

10K Rose Gold.


Historically, signet rings were marks of identity and authenticity. Instead of signing a name on a document, the ring was pressed onto melted wax that impressed a symbol as an official seal. They were usually imagery of a coat of arms or a family crest. 

Baiyu took a modern twist on the traditional signet ring. He created his own crest that encompassed 4 major symbols that are important to him. 1) Fish (Christian faith), 2) Bar (firstborn son), 3) Shell (pilgram + Christian faith), and 4) Diamond shape (wisdom). We played around with the elements to form a dynamic crest by layering the symbols. A latin script is engraved on the inside of the ring that reads: "Deum time, et mandata eius observa," which translates as "Fear God, and keep his commandments" (Eccl. 12:13).


We first start with a ring blank cut to the size of the height of the ring. The general shape and size get trimmed down with wax files and refined smooth with sand paper.

Baiyu looks happy with his new pinky signet ring!