Charlotte & Josiah's Wedding

Photos courtesy of Allie Liko Photography.

"Theresa made a beautiful quality custom wedding band for me that I will cherish for years to come. I worked collaboratively with sketches and reference images. This was very important to me as I am a designer as well. She was always transparent with my options in terms of materials, techniques and budget. She met with me both in person and also showed me process videos along the way. She was kind, respectful and great to work with. I would definitely reccommend." - Charlotte

10K White Gold, Hand-Carved.

Charlotte wanted to have both sides of the family represented in blooms with a cross in between. Daffodils and plum blossoms for the groom’s family and daisies and black eyed susans for the bride’s family. Above is a sketch she did! I used the sketch as reference to hand-carve the flowers onto wax and then the wax was cast in white gold in a lost wax casting process. I love the organic handmade quality of carving the stylized flowers onto the ring but keeping the band simple with subtle meaningful details. Congratulations on your marriage, Charlotte & Josiah!