Darlene & Daniel's Engagement

Photo courtesy of the couple.

10K Yellow Gold, Diamond 

Congratulations, Darlene & Daniel! Pictured above is when Daniel proposed at the beach while they were watching the sunrise! 

Daniel knew Darlene wanted a round centre diamond and a ring in yellow gold but we wanted to make the design unique and special. After some chats with Daniel about priorities and how we should be a good steward of money in what we invest in, he wanted to have the ring be a reminder of what is truly necessary in life, like food! Daniel and Darlene wanted food to play an important role in their married life where they hope to host people with food being central to that. This is an example of how they want to use money moving forward. We thought it would be fun if the ring was inspired by something edible so we made the setting of the ring resembling the petals of an artichoke

Cheers to your lifetime of good chats and meaningful friendships made around sharing life and food!

Raw cast gold to be sanded and polished to a shine and choosing between two diamonds!

Daniel's ready to propose!