Karen & Kenny's Engagement

Photo courtesy of the couple.

"We had spent a number of weeks looking for the right ring, but it would always end in frustration and disappointment. Then, we found Theresa through some mutual friends on Facebook...and we are so glad we did! Theresa made the engagement ring experience so easy and much better than we could have hoped. She really listened to our ideas and actually cared about getting to know our story. She came up with a design that subtly features how we met and now it is a detail that is so special and meaningful to both of us. She was even accommodating as an accomplice in the proposal plans. We can't thank her enough for such a beautiful ring and an awesome experience!" – Karen & Kenny


14K White Gold, Blue Sapphire, Diamonds.

It's a small world! Through our first consultation meeting, I had a feeling that I have met Karen before. Near the tail end of our coffee date we finally figured out that we used to work in the same summer kids camp, nearly 10 years go! 6 degrees of separation is a real thing my friends! 

Karen & Kenny were on a hunt for a cushion-cut blue sapphire. Karen is not your typical diamond girl and thought a blue sapphire was most fitting to her personality. We narrowed some options down and Karen & Kenny picked out this rich sparkly blue sapphire from the bunch. Next step was to chat about designs. They met each other through playing basketball so we added the rib line detail on an orange basketball under the halo setting as a subtle reminder of how it all began. Congratulations! 

Blue Sapphires! They chose the bottom one!

What it looks like when the ring is 3D printed in wax.

Boxed and ready!

Upon pickup, Kenny asked me to help him surprise Karen by telling her that the ring isn't ready yet so that she would be caught off guard when he proposes. We are crafty people!

The proposal <3 (photo courtesy of the couple)