Lydia & Dave's Engagement

Photo courtesy of the couple.

10K Yellow Gold, Cubic Zirconia

Lydia and Dave became friends on a brisk November day when Lydia taught him how to sew. Soon, they were taking mini-road trips to visit each other’s families, skating on deserted ponds and hiking together and discovered a shared passion to help underprivileged global communities. Reading insightful books and praying with their church community strengthened their relationship.

Dave chose a yellow gold engagement ring with a light hammered texture and 4-prong oval setting. Keeping this a secret was hard! Lydia and I were roommates at the time. She designs clothes, and we often worked together in our home studio. I had to make sure Lydia couldn’t overhear my phone conversations with Dave. I had to keep quiet when Lydia remarked that she thought her Christmas gift to Dave would be better than his to her. I knew he planned to propose shortly after Christmas.

But their shared joy clearly shows each got the greatest gift: each other.