Monica & Tony's Wedding

Photo courtesy of Cari Zhu Fine Art Photographer.

"Our wedding was only 3 months away and we had yet to buy our wedding bands. However, we had a pretty good idea of the styles we both wanted, so rather than going from store to store searching for something similar to what we're looking for, our planner recommended Theresa to us, who does her own custom jewelry design. We had a total of 3 meetings with Theresa. At our first consultation, we mostly described to her what we were looking for; something simple, timeless, with a stack-able engraving. I also mentioned that I'm looking for an infinity style band that not only compliments my halo engagement ring, but can also stand out on its own. She was very attentive and took note of our ideas. We could tell she knew her stuff as she explained to us the different types of material, fit, and style of rings, as well as how each option would rank in cost. We told her that my engagement ring was being sized down at the time and she immediately suggested that she could use the extra diamonds from the engagement ring and transfer them onto the wedding band itself, and have the rest of the stones match, which was such a smart idea (and cost-effective)! The last thing she needed from us were our ring sizes and the width of the bands we were looking to have, which she had all the gadgets for in her bag! The second meeting was a quick one, we were finally able to show her the engagement ring and hand over the extra diamonds to use for the wedding bands. We also confirmed the final design from the three options that she had sent us quotes for prior to the meeting. The whole process took about a month and a half. During which time, Theresa was responsive to emails and sent over 3D renderings of the rings before they were made. We just picked up our wedding bands this past weekend and the end product looks amazing! They were exactly what we imagined from the beginning and Theresa made it happen!"  – Monica & Tony


Congratulations to the happy couple! Monica & Tony have a great attention to detail and it looks like everything worked out beautifully from the flowers to table settings! Shout outs to Anita Layne, wedding planner extraordinaire!

Monica & Tony wanted a customized engraving on the insides of both their rings that match up to read their initials. Here's how it turned out!

18K White Gold, Diamonds.


What the rings look like before there refined and shiny.

Tony is picking up their bands! Too bad Monica couldn't make it but we got her in the shot anyway ;)