Peggy & Andrew's Wedding

Photo courtesy of Katelyn Debus Photography.

"Theresa was amazing at taking our visions of what we wanted for our engagement ring and again for our wedding bands and making them into reality. She perfectly captured the natural aesthetic we were looking for." - Peggy & Andrew


Congratulations, Cedar & Pine! This adventurous outdoorsy couple requested some unique textures inspired by nature! Let me walk you through Peggy & Andrew's wedding bands...

Step 1 is doing some research! I studied local cedar and pine trees and got some samples to mimic the textures.

Andrew wanted to keep the look of the centre stem in the ring and having the pine needles come out of them.

 I learned that there are different types of cedar with stems that characterize them! The top one is yellow cedar and the bottom one is an eastern white cedar both samples found at Queen's Park, downtown Toronto, where you can find an array of tree species! Pictured on the right is a wax model from a mould made from one of the cedar stems. Then the ring was cast straight from these waxes preserving the natural shape and texture of the cedar itself!

Love hearing stories about their next adventure when we meet, this time we talked about the wedding and their honeymoon <3

The same way that God created seed-bearing plants and trees and saw that it was good, He breathed the breath of life into man from the dust of the ground – life created in His own image. God created woman out of man from his bone and flesh as a suitable helper. He created marriage to unite man and wife that they will become one flesh. From the vast array of trees to the intricacy of humans to the union of marriage, God created and sanctified. Would these rings as small as they are be a big symbol of the beauty of creation and the binding of two people made in God's image!