Peggy's Art Deco Ring

I had so much fun playing with the arrangement of this restyled ring using Peggy's diamonds!

I was given direction inspired by Art Deco which was a dream to design given that it’s one of my favourite art styles found in jewellery, furniture, and architecture. It came about in the 1920-30s in Western Europe and the US characterized by decorative geometry and symmetrical repetition of clean lines and forms.


14K White Gold, Diamonds.




From a bunch of initial sketches, these were the final 4 that I was most pleased with. I’m glad I didn’t have to make the final decision! 


After the design is finalized, it is modelled using CAD and 3D printed in this wax model to be cast in gold.

This is white gold! When it first gets cast, it comes out of the mould in a matte finish. From here, I refine the surface and give it a shiny polish.