Rebecca & Joey's Wedding

"Theresa transformed our initial raw concept into a beautiful polished product. We love our wedding bands!"  - Rebecca & Joey


Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Lam! Rebecca & Joey's wedding took place at the Toronto Islands overseeing the waters and cityscape. A beautiful summers day with a great view of the golden sunset. Like with all the little details that went into the wedding, the electric blue heels and the homemade earl grey wedding cake, there's also a secret to the Lams wedding bands! Rebecca & Joey wanted classic and simple wedding bands but asked if I could design something that would tie them together so that they looked like they were a pair. We brainstormed ways to add an engraving and despite the challenge of the difference in ring sizes, we were able to engrave, "LOVE ALWAYS" – top half on hers, and bottom half on his, made legible when you stack the rings together and rotate them. 

14K White Gold