Rosemary & Timothy's Engagement

Photo courtesy of the couple.


Rosemary & Timothy got engaged in the great outdoors on a beautiful autumn day! Timothy and I worked together to create a classic style solitaire ring combining elements that tell their unique story. When sharing about the nature of their relationship, one of the things that stood out was Rosemary & Timothy's favourite past time of hiking at Princess Point in Hamilton, Ontario. We developed the story into the ring by playing with the side profile, tapering the band to a point under the diamond setting. The subtle knife-edge detail and the pointed 4-prong setting brings harmony to the theme of the ring.



14K White Gold, Diamond.




The ring is 3D modelled and printed in this blue wax.


The blue wax is melted in a kiln in a process called lost-wax casting where molten gold fills the void. Next step is to clean off the casting skin in the ring and smooth it out to be polished to a shine!


After polishing, the diamond is ready for setting into the ring!


Voila! Rosemary & Tim's engagement ring!