Veronika & Joseph's Engagement

Photo courtesy of the couple.

Congratulations, Veronika & Joe!

Veronika & Joe met through their mutual friend, Emily, who is a family friend of Joe's and Veronika's current roommate. Although Veronika & Joe have been oceans apart, they were able to go on travel adventures and cherish their time spent together.

Little did Veronika know that as she was telling me about their story, the ring had already been made in secret! After some stealthy planning, Emily and I got her ring size and delivered the ring to Joe in time for the proposal!

This 14k rose gold ring features a round opal gemstone in a pointed 6-prong setting surrounded by aquamarines – both the birthstones of Veronika & Joe! A twisted band with flat facets creates the band of the ring to give more detail and shine.

Happy Wedding Planning!

14K Rose Gold, Opal, Aquamarines

Choosing the right opal!

After the design is finalized, it is modelled and printed in 3D.

Time to sand and smooth out the rough casting. 

Then comes polishing to refine the surface to a high shine. 

Ready to set the stones.