Darlene & Daniel's Wedding

Photo courtesy of Eliot Kim Photo.

10K Yellow Gold, Diamonds.

Congratulations, Darlene & Daniel! 

Darlene & Daniel have matching yellow gold bands with a personalized engraving on the inside. The straight thin band with diamonds sit flush with Darlene's engagement ring. Daniel's band is a  hexadecagon with 16 flat sides that go all the way around the ring. Have fun on your honeymoon!

Carved a thin wax model for Darlene's band to be cast in yellow gold.

This is what Daniel's ring looks like after 3D printing and casting it in yellow gold. Raw castings have a non-reflective washed out colour to the metal. It's not until polishing that gets the gold all shiny and refined.

Tumbling the raw casting in steel shots helps to harden the metal. 

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